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SetGo Kitchens & Consulting

Welcome to SetGo, a leading cloud kitchen consulting firm that specialises in helping F&B Brands to set up and optimise their cloud kitchen needs and expansion plans. With our expertise and experience in the industry, we offer a wide range of services such as Plug & Play kitchens, Kitchen As A Service, Commercial Kitchen Construction, Brand Growth, Franchising etc. that are designed to meet your specific needs related to cloud kitchens from selecting an ideal location to delivering a fully furnished / customised kitchens as per the requirement.

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What Do We Offer ?


SetGo Kitchens & Consulting is a leading brand in providing a one-stop solution for all your Cloud Kitchen needs that offer services like –

  • Plug-and-Play Cloud Kitchens.
  • Kitchen As A Service (KAAS).
  • Commercial Kitchen Equipment Provider.
  • Commercial Kitchen Construction.
  • Real-Estate Expansion.
  • Brand Growth.
  • Franchising.

How do we help your brand in its growth journey ?

We are experts in understanding market scenarios, assessing dynamic business environments and tapping into customer demand. Our services propel your brand in the following way – 


  • Accelerate your brand growth

We help to put your restaurant into growth mode and your brand benefits from our professional ghost kitchen services. With us, you can quickly expand your business to multiple locations.

  • Profit from the increase in deliveries.

Our kitchens are carefully placed to capture the largest volume of deliveries at the lowest cost. Your brand has the potential to reach a larger audience.

  • Increase your internet consumer base.

SetGo services help you attract the attention of your audience. Your brand will grow as a result of well-planned and targeted marketing techniques. You can simply adapt to a new location and expand your reach.

  • Prime locations

Expand your restaurant outreach through our cloud kitchens located at prime locations in the city.

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